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When you own any kind of premises, security concerns are always of utmost importance. Concerns about the security of your premises and the personal safety of your staff can cause a great deal of worry, but putting fully monitored security systems in place is easy with Cougar.

Whether it’s a commercial, residential or industrial property; Cougar can provide, install and fully monitor a wide range of security solutions.

Vigilant, Alert and Proactive

CCTV Monitoring

Cougar’s state of the art alarm receiving and monitoring centre allows us to vigilantly oversee your alarm systems and video feeds, and to respond swiftly and responsibly to any security issue; whether that means notifying the emergency services, sending out a mobile response unit, or something else entirely.

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Cougar Monitoring Key holding

Trustworthy Keyholding and a Swift Response

Key Holding & Emergency Response

When an alarm sounds and you can’t be on site, it pays to have someone trustworthy with a spare set of keys. However, if you run a small company or have branches in disparate locations, this can be tricky. This is where a keyholding and response service such as ours comes in handy.

Professional On-Site Security Guarding Services

Manned Guarding

Some situations are better handled with security officers on the ground. Our fully trained and SIA licensed security guards are on hand to assist on any kind of commercial, retail or industrial sites.

Cougar Monitoring Guarding
Mobile Response Cougar Monitoring

Security Services that Come to Your Aid

Mobile Patrols

Whether it's a fire alarm going off at a faraway branch, an intruder alarm activated when no one is available to attend; one of our officers can attend promptly and handle any security situation with professionalism and care.

Professional Locking and Unlocking services

Locking and Unlocking

We can provide our locking and unlocking service if you need to have your site opened and closed securely due to circumstances such as a change in shift patterns resulting in staff members no longer having the responsibility to lock and secure the site.

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Professional Alarm Receiving & Monitoring services

Alarm Receiving & Monitoring

In simple terms, alarm monitoring works via security products sending signals to ARC’s (Alarm Receiving Centres), with the ARCs then responding to those signals.