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Collaboration is the key to help us grow

20th Nov 2018

Over the past year, we’ve developed closer relationships with Cougar Monitoring and Securenett (both part of the Prime Interaction Group) and it has hugely paid off.

Our strong working relationship has helped us grow and give our customer a great service. And thanks to our close collaboration, Cougar and Securenett have taken on another large contract and have supplied over 800 ATMs across the UK with vital alarm protection.

We’ve made major investments in our technology this year with our new Next Generation products, launching in November 2018. The portfolio includes four new products that’ll suit any business, home, size or budget.

Eric Roberts, CEO of Cougar and Securenett, says: "here at Cougar, we’re very excited for the new products. I’m impressed by the build quality, and the smaller size means it’ll fits in any panel – it’s all round awesome”.

Cougar and Securenett place a big emphasis for their customers on the dual-path signalling in our products, which gives them greater security and peace of mind. "BT Redcare is future proof. We’re very excited to see the continued innovation around dual path signalling to improve reliability and the connection” says by Amy Shorthouse of Securenett.

We’re supporting our installers however we can, including through the recent introduction of a customer service app. This is our new helpdesk support app that uses the installer’s smart phone camera to provide real-time, remote support. Amy said: "Redcare’s customer service and technical help has always been faultless and I’m especially excited about the SightCall app. It’s almost like a second set of eyes and frees up our technical team to help with bigger things at Cougar and Securenett.”

Our regional account director, Raj Patel says: "things have definitely snowballed since our rebrand in June 2017. Our business has really gone from strength to strength. Cougar and Securenett are very forward-thinking when it comes to looking at the security part of what we’re trying to do. We have a solid and collaborative working relationship”.

For more information please contact Raj Patel, BT Redcare account director.

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Increased site security for Cougar Monitoring with integrated biometric access control

16th Nov 2017

Cougar Monitoring operates a state-of-the-art alarm receiving and monitoring centre based in Birmingham, UK, providing a wide range of monitoring and response services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The highly trained team provide surveillance, as well as rapid deployment of mobile response units and notification to emergency services to ensure the safety of both people and property on behalf of their clients, ensuring fast and secure management of all security systems.

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Permanent installation at Cougar's Alarm Receiving Centre

5th Nov 2017


Cougar Monitoring operates a state of the art alarm receiving and monitoring centre, allowing the well trained and experienced staff to provide live security surveillance and respond to security issues in any eventuality. The live operation can provide rapid deployment of mobile response units and notification to emergency services to ensure the safety of both people and property. The monitoring centre is fully staffed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and provides fast and secure management of all clients’ security systems.

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Biometric Access Control installed at UK monitoring centre

30th Oct 2017

Biometric Access Control installed at UK monitoring centre

West Midlands-based security experts, Cougar Monitoring, have ensured the security of their own state-of-the-art Monitoring Centre with biometric fingerprint readers from ievo ltd.

Cougar Monitoring’s alarm and CCTV operation Centre in Cradley Heath, near Birmingham, is fully staffed on a 24/7 basis by highly trained and experienced staff who provide live security CCTV surveillance and rapid deployment of mobile response units and notification to emergency services to ensure the safety of people and property.

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Start of night patrols to cut business crime

27th Oct 2017

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Cougar Launches New Mobile Security Service for Communities

19th May 2017

It brings us great pride to announce the launch of Cougar Community Patrols, a brand new mobile security service available to residential customers.

The service provides an SIA licensed security officer driving past each client’s premises in a Cougar marked vehicle at regular intervals - making a visual check of the premises with each pass. If they do detect something untoward, they can notify the authorities immediately. This service will be available from the 19th May 2017 and is available as a yearly subscription.

This brand new offering helps clients enjoy premium peace of mind, with the mobile patrol acting both as a visual deterrent, and as a reassuring presence to those in the community.

The team here at Cougar feel it will work well alongside our existing keyholding and emergency response services; if something occurs to a Patrol client’s property, our keyholding response team would easily be able to intervene - accessing the property if necessary - to ensure that everything is left safe and secure.

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Securenett’s open day on May 10th

6th April 2017

Cougar Monitoring is delighted to announce its attendance at SecureNett’s open day on May 10th.

Many of the industry’s leading Architects, Specifiers and M&E specialists will be present and Cougar Monitoring are happy to be able to demonstrate their entire suite of premium market leading services including Monitoring, Key Holding, Guarding and Mobile response. Also, attending the open day will be Emizon, one of the leading digital security specialists in the UK. Emizon will be giving an overview of their new IP Signalling technology, which promises to be an important addition to the security monitoring industry.

If you’re interested in attending please contact the Securenett Customer Services department on 0121 543 1760

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Avigilon sales team visit Cougar and Securenett

4th April 2017

Cougar and Securenett had the pleasure of hosting a special event with the Avigilon sales team this month.

Avigilon are market leaders in video technology and are an essential supply partner for both Cougar and Securenett.

During the event we received an update on Avigilon’s latest product offering as well as having the opportunity for both companies’ sales teams to meet and discuss future projects.

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