Kings Secure Technologies group company, Cougar Monitoring today announced it has signed a strategic partnership with leading provider of secure app-based mass notification, response and location services, Callmy. The partnership allows Cougar to extend its service capability by offering Callmy’s full portfolio of mass notification and response tools to its clients.

The partnership opens up a new and innovative solution to Cougar’s clients, who range from the Health, Logistics, Education, Finance and Retail sectors.

Clients are now able to reinforce their response to business continuity, Health & Safety, civil contingency and to aid their organisational resilience using Callmy Alert as a means of emergency communication to their colleagues, such as:

  • Mobilise and locate key responders
  • Warn and inform staff of critical situations and threats
  • Lockdown and evacuate sites in seconds
  • Aid compliance with ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management



“Our aim at Cougar is to offer pioneering and versatile technologies to our growing customer base,” said James Sharp, Head of Monitoring & Technical Services at Cougar. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Callmy who equip our Monitoring Centre with a cost effective, resilient app-based alternative to more traditional channels of communication during critical situations.”