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Remote CCTV monitoring works by alerting the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) when a CCTV camera detects movement in an area which the customer has defined as being restricted. This alert is then followed by a video clip, which the CCTV camera will send to the ARC, capturing what was happening at the time of the event which triggered the alarm. The ARC can then respond to this signal in a number of ways. In some cases an audio warning will be issued to any intruder, while a CCTV system with a URN (Unique Reference Number) will be able to call upon the police to investigate. Another option is for the designated key holders of the property to be notified.

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How much does remote CCTV monitoring cost?

The exact cost of a monitored CCTV system will depend upon a number of factors determined by the client’s requirements. These will include the type and size of site being monitored and the number of cameras needed. Get in touch with our sales team to explain your requirements and we’ll do our best to find exactly the right product for you.

How do you monitor CCTV?

In order for a CCTV camera or system of cameras to be monitored, it will have to be connected to a recording unit – either a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR) – which stores the images and sends them, when needed, to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

What is remote CCTV Monitoring?

Remote CCTV monitoring describes what happens when the images captured by a CCTV system are viewed at a separate location, such as an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Why is remote CCTV monitoring better than self-monitoring?

Cougar CCTV monitoring is better than self-monitoring because we can respond to any security issues by dispatching professional, highly trained SIA licenced officers with a wealth of knowledge of the security industry, coupled with wide ranging and hard earned on the job experience. The fact that all of our employees are screened and vetted in accordance with the British standard BS7858 further underlines the fact that our CCTV monitoring service offers complete peace of mind. In addition, it provides the following benefits:

  • Remote monitoring will meet or even exceed the majority of security requirements


  • Self-monitoring may mean it is more difficult to contact and call out the police or fire brigade when needed


  • An Alarm Receiving Centre offers complete peace of mind when you’re away from home. 

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More Information

Our high tech monitoring and alarm receiving centre is manned with trained and experienced staff who will act quickly in any eventuality. By using versatile Sentinel Plus and Immix systems, we can monitor intruder alarms, fire alarms, CCTV and lone worker devices with care and responsibility. Our monitoring centre is fully manned 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and provides fast and secure management of all of our clients’ security systems. As well as monitoring alarms and CCTV, we also oversee lone worker devices and asset tracking systems. Should we detect an incident, we can despatch our mobile response officers to manage the situation and ensure the safety of both people and property.

To find out more about Alarm Receiving & Monitoring click here.

Fully monitored CCTV systems provide incredible peace of mind. As soon as an unusual or untoward incident occurs, our remote monitoring team can assess the situation and act swiftly and appropriately, whether it’s within working hours or not. As the costs of technology are decreasing, it’s also becoming more and more viable for people to install CCTV systems in or around their home, providing the utmost in security for you and your loved ones.

Cougar can offer a number of intelligent monitoring packages which are tailored to give you security, value and peace of mind. Whether it’s a commercial, industrial or residential property, our skilled team will carefully assess any situation and will take the most appropriate course of action. A monitored system can also decrease false alarms because our monitoring team can see what’s going on.

Should the situation call for it, we can notify the emergency services or send out one of our own response officers. Our in-house response team can attend throughout the West Midlands.

“Our high-tech monitoring and response centre uses the Sentinel Plus monitoring platform which is compatible with a number of CCTV installations. This means we can monitor a vast range of different installations with ease. For a full list of installations we can support, please refer to this page

This technology also allows for performance analysis and frequent reporting on all of the security systems we manage. We maintain a rigorous in-house standard-checking protocol which is in keeping with NSI regulations. This allows us to work proactively with all our clients following an activation to improve standards, reduce false alarms, and to ensure we’re giving you the best service possible.