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Key Holding & Emergency Response

Key Holding is the term used for an individual having the responsibility for the security of a particular property which has been locked and is also protected by an alarm. If this alarm is activated or access to the property is required for some other reason, the key-holder will do one of two things; they will respond to the alarm, investigate its cause and deactivate the system as a whole, or they will physically unlock the property in order for access to be gained.

Key holding and alarm response of this kind is generally provided either by the business itself – i.e. by employees – or through a third party individual working for a specialist security partner such as Cougar

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What Key Holding & Emergency Response Services do we provide?

In simple terms, if you have a business which need protecting we will hold a set of your keys and attend the property in question at any time of the day or night in order to deal with an intruder or fire alarm. In the event of a monitored alarm being activated, our experienced licenced officers will act quickly and decisively. They will calmly manage the situation on the ground at your premises and investigate the causes leading to any activation.

We will also liaise with the Police and Fire brigade on your behalf if necessary, and if boarding up or locksmith services are needed to maintain the security of your site we’ll make sure they are arranged.

Who would use Key Holding and Emergency response, and where?

Anyone who has felt the need to install an intruder alarm can benefit from the extra peace of mind provided by this service. This could apply to every type of property, from residential to commercial, and including educational and government properties.

Why would Key Holding & Emergency Response be used?

There are two clear and welcome benefits to making use of our key holding and alarm response service.

The first is the speed of our response. There’s no avoiding the fact that funding cuts and the corresponding reduction in manpower have left police forces less able to respond immediately when an alarm has been activated. Partnering with a security company like Cougar can give you the peace of mind of knowing that any response will be instantaneous and attendance provided as quickly as possible.

The second major benefit arises from the fact that some insurers offer lower premiums for premises insurance when the insurer has invested in a key holding and response service like that offered by Cougar. In addition to this, the fact that our response team will attend your premises at any time means that you or your staff won’t be disturbed if an alarm is activated, and won’t have to run the risk of potentially putting yourselves in harm’s way.

It should also be noted that internal employees investigating an alarm activation will probably not be covered by your insurance. In the event of any injury occurring, this could lead to a costly claim against you as an employer. The advice would be to check your insurance cover carefully, and remove the risk entirely by partnering with Cougar.

How much does Key Holding & Emergency Response cost?

The cost of our key holding and alarm response service starts at as little as £365 per year. In the event of a member of our response team having to attend your premises, call-out charges are £31.00 for the first hour and £26.00 for every additional hour spent on site. If you have multiple sites being protected in this way, or more than one intruder alarm panel on a single site, then generous discounts apply.

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