Professional Locking and Unlocking services

Locking and Unlocking

Locking and unlocking is the term used for an individual having the responsibility for access to a particular property when that access is gained through physically unlocking an access point such as a door or gate.

Locking and unlocking services of this kind are generally provided either by the business itself – i.e. by employees – or through a third party individual working for a specialist security partner such as Cougar


What Locking and Unlocking services do we provide?

We can provide our locking and unlocking service if you need to have your site opened and closed securely due to circumstances such as a change in shift patterns resulting in staff members no longer having the responsibility to lock and secure the site. We can also provide the service on an ad hoc basis if issues such as sickness or staffing problems mean that you are unable to open or close the site yourself. When the service is used our officers will attend the site in question with a set of the keys you have provided and work through the step by step assignment instructions which you will have supplied when initially making the arrangements. In this way all doors and windows will be opened and closed as per your pre-determined requirements. 

Who would use a Locking and Unlocking service and where?

Anyone who wants to securely lock and unlock their premises with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Cougar will look after them as if they were our own will benefit from our locking and unlocking service. This could apply to every type of property, from residential to commercial, and including educational and government properties. 

Why would you use a Locking and Unlocking service?

Cougar’s locking and unlocking service provides complete peace of mind when you need a trusted third party to lock and unlock your property or premises. This could be due to issues such as a change in staff allocation or shift patterns which result in the staff available no longer having the responsibility for locking and unlocking the site.

How much does Locking and Unlocking services cost?

When Cougar provide a locking and unlocking service on an ad hoc basis, prices start from £25.00 plus VAT per site visit, dropping to £20.00 plus VAT per site visit for contracted customers.

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