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Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols take the form of a vehicle patrol on a site, acting as a supplement to an external foot patrol. This both enhances the overall security of your property and provides a highly effective visual deterrent to anyone thinking of attempting to breach that security.

Mobile Response Cougar Monitoring


What Mobile Patrol Services do we provide?

When you partner with Cougar, our mobile controls consist of a marked and tracked vehicle patrolling your site, acting as a supplement to an external foot patrol. A vehicle of this kind, taken from our extensive fleet, not only covers the whole of your property quickly, it also provides a hugely effective visual deterrent to any opportunist or professional criminals thinking of breaking in. While patrolling your property we’ll pay particular attention to potential vulnerable spots, making sure that doors, windows and other access points are locked and secure   

Who would use Mobile Patrols and where?

Anyone who has a property or premises – as well as the assets they contain - which they wish to protect will benefit from the use of mobile patrols, particularly in cases where CCTV and intruder alarms are less effective than needed. This could apply to every type of property, from residential to commercial, and including educational and government properties. 

Why would you use Mobile Patrols?

The reason for turning to the protection of mobile patrols is that they offer peace of mind in circumstances when the limitations of an intruder alarm of CCTV system mean that they fail to offer complete protection. In addition to this, mobile patrols provide a cost-effective alternative to paying for a static guard to protect the site for a fixed period of time, offering cost savings of up to 50%.  

How much do Mobile Patrols cost?

When Cougar provide a mobile patrol service on an ad hoc basis, prices start from £25.00 plus VAT per site visit, dropping to £20.00 plus VAT per site visit for contracted customers.

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